Freys Family

Our loyalty programme for frequent guests. Join today and earn points for extra special offers. Membership is free.


Membership levels

Book your room via our website or direct by phone – and enjoy Freys Family benefits. Membership is free. As a member, there are benefits on three levels, based on the number of nights you stay with us per year. You earn points from the first night. From the sixth night, you can pay using the points you’ve earned.

Freys Family

  • Collect points and enjoy great offers
  • Stay at least 5 nights a year

Freys Silver Heart

  • Earn points and use them for benefits
  • SEK 25 restaurant voucher
  • Evening newspaper
  • Great special offers
  • Stay between 6 and 30 nights a year

Freys Gold Heart

  • Earn points and use them for benefits
  • SEK 50 restaurant voucher
  • Evening newspaper
  • Great special offers
  • Stay at least 31 nights a year


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Terms of membership

Participation in Freys Family is regulated by these terms and conditions. It is the member’s responsibility to read and familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions, including any addendums. These regulations apply to all members from 1 March 2015 and replace all previous terms and conditions relating to Freys Family. The Freys Family scheme is valid until further notice. Freys reserves the right to end the scheme by notifying the members three months in advance. Freys reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions for the scheme by notifying the guests. Freys reserves the right, at its own discretion, to terminate membership in the event of misuse.



  • The minimum age limit for membership of Freys Family is 18 years.
  • Membership may not be issued to companies or other legal entities.
  • Only one physical person per membership may be registered.
  • If the member has not stayed at the hotels for a period of two years, the membership will be terminated.

Earning bonus points

  • Only one guest per booked room may earn points and receive benefits during a stay.
  • To earn points the member must book via the website, by phone or with the hotel direct, and must give their name and/or membership number on booking.
  • The member must be registered as a guests staying at the hotel to earn points for qualifying nights. Points can be earned from the first night after registering as a Freys Family member. Earned points are based on the room rate for the qualifying night.
  • The member shall receive 1 point for every SEK 25, and 1 point = SEK 1 on redemption.
  • If the member suspects they have not been awarded points for qualifying nights, they must contact the hotel. A request must reach Freys within three months of the event, and firm evidence must be provided.

Spending bonus points

  • When a member uses points, we always take the oldest points first to ensure the guest’s points last as long as possible.
  • It can take up to till 3–4 days for points to be registered in the member’s account.
  • The points may be used on any day of the week as payment or part-payment of accommodation at Freys Hotel and Lilla Rådmannen.

Regulations for bonus points

  • Freys points earned by one guest may not be transferred to another guest.
  • Bonus points may not be sold, inherited or transferred, or in any other way change hands in return for payment.
  • If the member uses points earned in connection with work, it is the responsibility of the member to inform the employer and/or relevant authorities of this and to pay any required tax for such usage. Freys renounces all responsibility for any tax or tax liability incumbent on the guest in this respect.
  • Points are valid for the year in which they are earned, plus one calendar year.
  • A year-end is always 31 December.

Rules for restaurant vouchers

  • May be used as part payment of food and non-alcoholic beverages in the restaurant. Alcoholic beverages (not spirits) may only be purchased in combination with a meal.
  • The voucher is personal and may not be transferred to a third party.
  • The voucher is valid at the hotel where you are staying, on the date shown. It is not possible to redeem the voucher before the validity date, nor to use it for a later stay.
  • Only one voucher may be used per day, and any remaining value may not be carried on to the following day.
  • Cannot be combined with any other special offer or discount.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. If the entire value is not used, no change shall be given.
  • Your choice of evening newspaper on check-in.

Handling of personal data

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the member consents to Freys storing and using the member’s personal data and data about their membership and points balance in the Freys scheme. The purpose of retaining this data is to be able to provide and complete all the functions of the Freys scheme.

The member understands and consents that personal data may also be used to provide the member with information about and special offers relating to Freys products. Freys Hotel AB & Freys Hotel Intressenter AB is the legal entity acting as the personal data controller.

In order to comply with applicable legislation, Freys may update the member’s personal data. The member may accordingly be asked to confirm or update their personal data. Freys Hotel AB & Freys Hotel Intressenter AB shall, at the request of the member, amend or remove data about the member which is incorrect or incomplete. The member may at any time withdraw their consent to use of their personal data, whereupon Freys will block the data from continued processing. Such a withdrawal of consent will, however, mean that membership cannot continue and will therefore be terminated. These terms and conditions are regulated by and formulated in accordance with Swedish law. Any disputes arising from or relating to the Freys scheme shall be dealt with exclusively by the Swedish courts.

If you have any questions regarding Freys Family, please contact us on +46 (0)8-506 213 00 or by email.