Social Responsibility

At Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen, we really want you to enjoy your stay in Stockholm. But as well as providing the best starting point, we also want to do what we can to contribute to a better society. We do this alongside our sister establishment, Freys Hotel.

As a company, we believe we have excellent potential to contribute to a better society. We want to try to do a little more for the world around us. Our work encompasses, for example, internal environmental work, as well as contributions to various social projects. We are eco-labelled to Green Key, which places some tough demands on what we do. This in turn enables us to impose strict demands on our suppliers and business partners.

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At Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen, we support the following organisations

Childrens right’s organization – Maskrosbarn

Since 2005, Maskrosbarn has worked to improve the living conditions for children in Sweden with parents struggling with substance abuse, mental illness or who subject them to violence. Maskrosbarn offers long-term support programs and community for children aged 13-19, where they can meet others with the same experiences. They also work with raising awareness, collaborating with professionals, authorities, and other organizations. Please read more about Maskrosbarn →

Our popular Freys Bears are sold for the benefit of Maskrosbarn and we are supporting activities and events that are arranged by Maksrosbarn throughout the year.


RealStars, Hotels Against Trafficking:

An independent non-profit organisation established in 2010. The organisation combats human trafficking in Sweden and the EU through opinion leading, and through various campaigns founded on the General Declaration on Human Rights.

As a company in the hospitality industry, we see an opportunity here to help increase awareness of these problems. We train our staff in detecting suspected prostitution and establish routines on how to act and when to call the police. We also communicate at the hotel that we have taken a stand on this issue, to clarify that we are extra vigilant and stand for Fair Sex. All this is done is association with RealStars.