Environmental Policy

We are proud and delighted to be a Green Key eco-labelled hotel. Green Key is an international eco-label specially designed for the tourism industry, and is run by Green Key Sweden.

Freys Hotels – Where the heart is

For 30 years, the heart has been the symbol of Freys Hotels’ core values. We ‘think’ with our hearts and take care of our guests, our fellow human beings and of course our natural environment.

All our personnel are committed to our environmental work, and it encompasses all the hotel’s departments. So we do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your stay with us, while also striving to reduce our environmental impact. Please read through our tips on how you can help us to be more sustainable.


Good to know about your room:

  • All cleaning is done with regard for the environment.
  • We reduce the use of detergents by cleaning with microfibre cloths and only use eco-labelled cleaning products.
  • We wash our bed linen with eco-labelled laundry detergents.
  • All waste in the building is separated at source. When discarding newspapers, please place them on the floor next to the waste bin and we will recycle it for you.
  • More than 80% of our lighting is low-energy.
  • Shampoo/shower gel and soap are eco-labelled and the plastic bottles are recyclable.
  • Guest laundry is performed by an eco-labelled laundry service.

You can also help us create a better environment by:

  • Following the laundry guidelines for towels on the sign in your bathroom.
  • Following the guidelines for changing bed linen.
  • Not wasting water.
  • Switching the lights off when leaving the bathroom/hotel room.
  • Not flushing foreign objects such as sanitary towels, cotton wool, tampons etc. down the toilet. There is a bin for these items in the bathroom.



Environmental goals througout the years

Here we present a selection of previous years’ environmental goals:

  • We have installed charging stations for electric cars in our garage
  • We have set up bee water baths to benefit biodiversity
  • We have replaced normal batteries with rechargeable ones
  • We only use organic cotton towels
  • We have installed new heating system

Green Key

Please find more information on the links below:

Green Key Sverige >>
Green Key Global >>

Through ongoing information and training, we contribute to a more sustainable world – something our personnel and our guests can be proud of.

Together we make a difference!

If you have any questions, please contact our Environment Supervisors, Karola Li or Hanna Anevik. You can email karola.li@freyshotels.com or hanna.anevik@freyshotels.com, or phone: +46 (0)8-506 213 00.