• Freys Hyrverk
    Hyrverksaktiebolaget Frey

Our History

The history of Freys Hotels is full of exciting events and interesting stories. The hotels originate from one of the oldest transport companies in Sweden, founded as early as in 1896. From horse-drawn carriages to the very first automobiles on the streets of Stockholm, our history is one of success, acquisitions and growth in most business areas. Freys is one of Stockholm's oldest brands. Our company name is derived from a horse that almost all of Stockholm's inhabitants knew of and had great admiration for. Frey was the name of the powerful and wise horse that won the high-profile long-distance ride between Stockholm and Jönköping in 1895.

And what once started with the transport of wealthy Stockholmers by horse-drawn carriages has in modern times blossomed into a company consisting of two personal hotels in central Stockholm, apartments and a house for long-term stay, a health centre, a travel agency and a limousine service. And more activity will most certainly ensue...

Freys Hotel opened in 1989. As Freys Hyrverk (Freys Livery Stable) was, and still is, very well known in Stockholm, Freys Hotel was launched as the ‘hotel with its own limousines’.  Today, we have 127 rooms, including a suite, in the middle of central Stockholm and we stand firm, surrounded by large hotel chains on Vasagatan.

Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen. Freys Hotels launch Hotel Lilla Rådmannen in 1999 in Stockholm and create an extension of the original hotel on Bryggargatan. With 62 rooms and an amazing roof terrace next to the main shopping street Drottninggatan, Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen quickly becomes a hotel of immense popularity. In February 2009, Freys Hotels open yet another hotel, Hotel Backfickan, a two-star complement to our existing hotels, with a central location and the same familiar atmosphere as our existing hotels. Hotel Bakfickan will, however, close down in December 2013 to undergo a facelift and upgrade of its fixings, furnishings and interior. It will reopen during the spring/summer of 2014 in a new guise and as a 3-star hotel that belongs to Hotel Lilla Rådmannen.

If you are interested in reading our whole exciting story, the Book about Freys can be found in the lobby and in all the hotels’ rooms.